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Be with hand stair lifts - elder-care


Buying back hand stair lifts is a viable and cost actual different to purchasing a brand new stair lift. Most stair lifts can be purchased new or back up hand.

Second hand stair lifts must be every bit as trustworthy as a brand new lift and most decent firms will offer the same 12 month guarantee.

The life hope of a stair lift be supposed to be in dissipation of 10 years, however, something much older than this and it is almost certainly not worth using anymore. Stair lift suppliers in general stop construction spare parts for the lifts after about 10 years.

Straight stair lifts can by and large be adapted to fit a different staircase since the stair lift rail can be cut to suit the extent of the stair. This means that you can use a back hand rail and motor.

Curved staircases will need a new stair lift rail to be manufactured as it central to have a rail that is made to measure. It is crucial that the rail is tight to the stairs and does not cause difficulty to others. A back hand motor and chair can still be used.

If you order a bowed rail back hand stair lift, make sure that it is a brand new rail that you are getting. Some companies re-manufacture old pieces of rail to try and get them to fit on a new stair case. Most experts agree that this is not a safe practice. A re-manufactured rail or reconditioned rail will not conform to British Shelter Standards. If you are in doubt ask to see a copy of the manufacturers drawing.

Christian Dunnage is a boss of Dolphin Mobility Ltd, a UK based all-embracing supplier of stair lifts and mobility food http://www. dolphinlifts. co. uk and dramatist of http://www. stairlift. co. uk an disinterested online guide to having a stair lift in your home.


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