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The fair-haired years - elder-care


1) What does Adrian Mitchell say we do to ancestors when their operational lives are over?

Adrian says that "when a man's too ill to work we punish him", rob him of half his earnings or interchange it with "pocket money" and or place him in a retirement home to sit out the remainder of his live in isolation.

2) What does he think about this?

Adrian thinks that "the old citizens are being robbed" and says "to hell with retiring" he believes that the way that deal with old ancestors (to have your capacity to sport manually aloof and then being given "pocket money"). is an insult; He thinks that this is backboards, that the retired must have more money that already retirement.

3) Explain the dent he gives of retirement homes?

In the image of the text, a retirement home is a "basement", a falling down old shop with "fungus" budding up the walls.

Nothing happens or ever moves "except the raught and the light and darkgrey figures" and the cat. A place where the "food" is so bad that an bodily would discard it, a place where what is not dead is before you to die, if not from the belongings of time, but from the lack of stimulation.

3) How would he treat old people?

Adrian would give the retired "the choice they all the time heard about", give them the money to live out the remainder of there lives in comfit and dignity.

4) The poet uses embellishment to make his point. Find a connect of seats where he does this and depict the belongings it has.

[1] The depiction of the food existing in retirement homes "the meat tastes of feet".

[2] The account of the type of actions that we be supposed to offer the retired "Print her a tag to the universe, let her slum-white skin be suntanned by a dozen assorted planets"

Such exaggerations like the above, make the text more attractive to read as apposed to using factual array alone, give the text more substance as they offer the rearer points of character reference to which they can attach to.

They also draw consideration to the opinions of the author (the food being bad and that the retired be supposed to be given the means to do as they please), being out of comfort in next of kin to the before you they stand out.

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