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Stair lifts - above-board and bowed rails - elder-care


There are two types of stairlift. Arranged and curved. The first is intended for above-board stairs. The footrest of the lift will as usual stop level with the top stair. It may be doable to use a arranged stairlift on some configurations of coiled stairs.

The second, and in general far more dear type, is a 'made to measure' or 'curved track stairlift' which can move about bends on the stairs and can be made to run on to the landing. Prices vary according to the chunk of the stairs, the amount of bends and the complication of the bends.

It is worth noting that even if far more expensive, the resale value is negligible, as the rail is made to appraise and can only be re-installed on an impossible to tell apart staircase.

Curved track stairlifts can be en suite on any side of the stairs, the arrange of your staircase will ascertain which is most suitable. If you need a bent track stairlift you will need to pay a deposit to the ballet company that you are production with. This will as usual be about 30% of the cost of the lift. The deposit is necessary since the business are committing themselves to construction a stairlift rail that will only fit into your house. You ought to not have to pay a large deposit if you order a average above-board lift as these can by and large be adapted to suit an added staircase.

In a few position it is likely to fit a as the crow flies stairlift on stairs that have a turn at the top. For case if you have a above-board run of stairs with three steps winding onto the landing. Or a above-board escape and a area upstairs hallway with two more steps, a folding platform stairlift could be the solution. A above-board stairlift is installed with comprehensive legs, so the footrest stops in line with the landing. A solid made of wood platform is then built about the footrest of the lift. This platform can then be used to walk all right onto the landing. The platform is hinged so that it can be folded back adjacent to the wall to permit other colonize in the house to use the stairs.

It is also achievable to have a powered platform so the user doesn't have to bend to raise it. Entertain note that the folding platform opportunity is not apposite for everyone. If you are prone to dizzy spells or feinting or if you have very poor mobility this is not a viable option. Seek all-embracing advice.

Christian Dunnage is a administrator of Dolphin Mobility Ltd, a UK based autonomous supplier of stair lifts and mobility crop http://www. dolphinlifts. co. uk and biographer of http://www. stairlift. co. uk an balanced online guide to having a stair lift in your home.


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